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Bring Your Own Device | BYOD | VOIPE

Bring Your Own DeviceSee how the BYOD trend could benefit your business

VOIPE provide hosted telephony plans from £9.99 a month so your business can enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting at a low cost.
With VOIP telephone systems you can enjoy integrated communication at your desk or on the road. Bring your own device and always be in contact wherever you are, with a cloud hosted phone system from VOIPE.

The BYOD trend, which stands for Bring Your Own Device, has continued to grow as more employees prefer using a single device to manage both work and personal information. The desire to use personal communications devices at work has increased as the market for smart phones and tablets have expanded. So why not stay ahead of this trend by using VOIPE’s softphone app, allowing staff to work from their own tablets or smartphones.

The tablet market, alone, is projected to outpace desktop computers, selling 60% more than PCs through 2015. 22% of enterprises are adopting these devices into their businesses, whereas 34% of SMBs are purchasing tablets for employees. Why are these becoming the device of choice? Simply put, cloud applications are making it easier for employees to access all of their data directly from their smart phones or tablets. This is true of web-based business phone systems, as well.

Key Considerations of Bring Your Own Device and Hosted VOIP

VOIPE provide hosted telephony plans from £9.99 a month so your business can enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting at a low cost.

Bring your Own Device BYOD. With a hosted VOIP plan from VOIPE your staff can access their extension from any device with the VOIP softphone appWhy should I consider the BYOD trend?

By giving staff an application which can be used over all of their own devices, they can take their extension with them wherever they need to go. With the “bring your own device” trend staff, can always be connected.This can also mean you are free to hire staff from further afield as they can work remotely with ease. The BYOD trend means your staff are no longer restricted to working at your desk, or even the office!

Benefit from a secure and reliable telephony system with hosted VOIP and BYOD.Is BYOD secure?

You are assured of secure calling with signaling and media encryption via TLS and SRTP. Your business communications are secure and protected and you can use our softphone app without worrying about communicating over an unsecured network. Staff’s devices can be used with confidence following this BYOD trend, and can be used exactly as they would use a traditional deskphone.

Find out what your staff can do with the VOIP softphone app and see how it can increase your business' growthWhat can staff do with the softphone app?

VOIPE’s desktop and mobile application is leading the market in unified communications! It allows staff to make calls, conduct HD video conferencing sessions, see staff availability and send IM. Your staff can do anything they would usually do on their extension, but from anywhere there is an IP connection! Want to know more about our softphone app? Take a look at our softphone FAQ page to see what others have asked.

Benefit from high call quality with hosted VOIP from VOIPE and see how your business communications can be clearer and reliable for a low monthly fee.Is call quality high enough for my business?

With our softphone app on your staff’s devices, they can make HD voice calls and video/conference calls using SILK HD and Opus voice codecs (among others). This means if you upgrade your phone system and allow staff to bring their own devices to work, you are assured of both high call and video call quality so your staff calls are professional and high quality. You can also enjoy video calls so you can speak to clients face to face!

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