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Cloud Telephone System | VOIP Connection Options | VOIPE

Connecting your Cloud telephone system See how our connection options can increase resilience

VOIPE provide hosted telephony plans from £9.99 a month so your business can enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting at a low cost.

EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

We can deliver your cloud telephone system via Ethernet First Mile (EFM), Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) or 100Mbps Fibre. Your telephone system from VOIPE can be delivered direct to your business and straight into our service on a 1:1 contended basis. EFM is able to deliver an extremely reliable, high speed Internet connection to your business at relatively low cost!

Ethernet First Mile offers speeds of up to 35Mbit/s. A copper EFM connection can use several phone lines in parallel, boosting the maximum speed available. With the increased speed available to your business with EFM, you can be assured that your hosted VOIP system will be delivered at fast speeds and will be more reliable.

Discover VOIPE's connection options and see how they can benefit your business by delivering a high quality, reliable VOIP service

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

With FTTC next gen broadband can be delivered cheaply to your business. FTTC uses existing broadband infrastructure to deliver broadband to businesses, it provides a cost effective way of providing many users with the speed benefits of Fibre Broadband without having to spend out on getting everyone directly connected to the broadband.

This means you can have a reliable, cost effective way of your cloud phone system being delivered. By taking advantage of FTTC you can benefit from the lower call costs provided by hosted VOIP, your business will always enjoy higher quality voice and video calls over the internet with extremely fast next generation connectivity.

Internet Connection

We also offer an internet connection directly from VOIPE. With VOIPE’s internet connection, your cloud telephone system is protected against any crisis in your business, giving you peace of mind that you can continue trading if the worst does happen. With VOIPE’s internet connection option, your telephone system can be back up and running within seconds of an outage and because of the amazing features your staff can work from anywhere there is an internet connection.

This means that because your telephone service is delivered via internet connection, your business isn’t restricted by geographical location and can be located anywhere there is an internet connection. Why not take a look at our hosted VOIP prices to see how little a cloud telephone system could cost your business.

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